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Audition for Hair

Now accepting submissions

Directed by Jennifer Nelson

Exit 82 is thrilled to finally produce HAIR this summer, playing July 29 - August 7, 2021 at an outdoor amphitheater in downtown Toms River! Particularly in today's climate, we need to share the message of this iconic production, which remains relevant as ever as it celebrates community, identity, politics, peace, and what it means to be a young person in a changing world. Join the tribe!

Audition Details

  • All roles are open to auditioners, ages 18 and up. 

  • Hair will be a production open to and inclusive of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexualities.

  • Please submit a 32 bar cut of a rock or musical theatre uptempo song. 

  • Submissions will be accepted until May 7th, 2021.

  • COVID-19 safety protocols will be in effect throughout the rehearsal and performance period.

  • This is a non-union production.  

Cast Breakdown

Claude: Baritone/Tenor - Boy next door, drafted to war.  Loved by all.  Internally tortured by having to choose between what his heart believes is right, and his fear of authority.


Sheila: Mezzo-Soprano/Alto - Young college student and passionate protester.  Wants to change the world and spread love.


Berger: Tenor - Tribe leader.  Charismatic enough to start a cult.  Animalistic, unrestrained, and dedicated to dismantling the system.


Dionne: Mezzo-Soprano Belt – Black - Fun, outspoken, and witty.  A constant force/anchor for the tribe and the audience.


Woof: Baritone/Tenor - An accidental comedian with chaotic energy. Expresses an unapologetic and all-inclusive sexual energy. 


Jeanie: Alto - Pregnant with the tribe's baby, and mother to the tribe.  Silly but wise.  A follower who has tried every drug under the sun.


Hud: Baritone/Tenor – Black - Larger than life personality, quick thinking and high energy. 


Crissy: Mezzo-Soprano - An innocent and vulnerable space cadet. Easily influenced, looks up to Sheila and the rest of the tribe. 


The Tribe: various solo parts - Energetic, creative, with a ton of heart and passion.